Digging and Discovery: Wisconsin Archaeology, Second Edition

By Diane Young Holliday and Bobbie Malone

Paperback: $15.95

ISBN: 978-0-87020-376-3

120 pages, 110 b/w photos, illus. and maps 8 x 7"


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The second edition of "Digging and Discovery: Wisconsin Archaeology" engages students in exploring Wisconsin's distant and not-so-distant past as they learn archaeologists' methods of uncovering the history of the many generations of Native and non-Native peoples who have populated our state. In addition to methodology, the eight chapters detail lifeways of pre-contact Indian culture - Paleo-, Archaic, and Woodland-era groups - and rock art. The middle chapters emphasize people and communities of the last three centuries - remnants of the fur trade, mining, lumber boom, and agricultural eras - and a final chapter introduces students to the concept of cultural stewardship in protecting our rich archaeological heritage. This edition has more color, more maps, and more features, such as a glossary and index. The original teacher's guide will continue to serve as the companion piece. Diane Holliday and Bobbie Malone, who co-authored the first edition, have collaborated on the new edition as well.

Also available: "Digging and Discovery" Teacher's Guide