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Voices of the Wisconsin Past: Voices from Vietnam

By Michael E. Stevens (Editor)

Hardcover: $27.50
ISBN: 978-0-87020-285-8
Paperback: $18.95
ISBN: 978-0-87020-287-2
272 pages, 52 b/w photos and illus., 6 x 9"

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An unforgettable collection of 174 letters and diary entries written by 92 wisconsin men and women who served in Vietnam. Includes a journal kept by Menasha native Frederic Flom on cigarette wrappers during his final 16 days of captivity - the only known diary smuggled out by a Vietnam prisoner of war.

"Speak[s] more accurately and eloquently about the war than the millions of words already published by novelists and pundits." -"The Capital Times"

"A superb book that should have an appeal not just to residents of Wisconsin but to the 2.5 million Americans who served, and to anyone interested, in the Vietnam War." -"Indiana Magazine of History"

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