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Voices & Votes: How Democracy Works in Wisconsin Teacher's Guide and Student Materials

By Bobbie Malone, Sarah Clement, Jonathan Kasparek, Kori Oberle

Paperback: $49.95
ISBN: 978-0-87020-369-5
200 pages, 15 illustrations, 6 maps, 34 charts, 24 worksheets, 8.5x11"

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The new "Voices and Votes: How Democracy Works in Wisconsin" Teacher's Guide and Student Materials features two or three activities for each chapter to engage students in a more in-depth exploration of the book. These activities, designed for both individual and small groups, demand the use of higher-level thinking skills while integrating a wide range of learning styles, and all have culminating components that can be used for assessment. The guide also features easily reproducible student pages, including maps, charts, and interesting illustrations.

Also available: "Voices & Votes" Student Reader

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