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2009 ForeWordReviews' Book of the Year Award
Finalist in the Regional Category

2009 Midwest Independent Publishers Association Midwest Book Awards
Winner in the History/Current Events Category

2010 Independent Publisher Book Awards
Silver Medalist in the National Transportation (Auto/Aviation/Railroad) Category

2010 National Indie Excellence Awards
Finalist in the History Category

"Railroads have been around for so long that they seem like part of the landscape. But where, when, and how they developed was far from inevitable, as Axel Lorenzsonn shows in his thorough and superb study of the coming of the Iron Horse to Wisconsin. 'Steam & Cinders' should be required reading for any student of railroads or the development of the Upper Midwest." Robert S. McGonigal, Editor, "Classic Trains" magazine

"Axel Lorenzsonn provides a well-researched and engaging account ... of the coming of the railroads to Wisconsin." William D. Middleton, Editor, "Encyclopedia of North American Railroads"

"If 'Steam & Cinders' were a train, it would be one mighty locomotive a beautiful piece of intricate machinery chugging slowly but steadily through Wisconsin to drag its boxcars bulging with research to the promised destination." "Isthmus" newspaper

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