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Gudrun's Kitchen: Recipes from a Norwegian Family

By Irene O. Sandvold, Ingeborg Hydle Baugh, Edward O. Sandvold, and Quinn E. Sandvold

Paperback: $22.95
ISBN: 978-0-87020-462-3
272 pages, 15 b/w photos and illus., 8 x 8"; E-book now available

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The youngest of a large Norwegian immigrant family, Gudrun Thue Sandvold was known for her beaming blue eyes and a reserve that gave way to laughter whenever she got together with her sisters. She took immeasurable pride in her children and grandchildren, kept an exquisite home, and turned the most mundane occasion into a party. And to all who knew her, Gudrun's cooking was the stuff of legend.

Part cookbook, part immigrant story, and part family memoir, "Gudrun's Kitchen" features hundreds of Gudrun Sandvold's recipes for comfort food from a time when families and friends gathered at the table and connected with one another every single day. This book is much more than a guide to Norwegian culinary traditions; it is an important contribution to immigrant history and a vital documentation of our nation's multicultural heritage.

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