Green Bay Packers: Trials, Triumphs, and Tradition

By William Povletich, Foreword by Bob Harlan

Paperback: $26.95

ISBN: 978-0-87020-497-5

416 pages, 337 color & b/w photos/ illus., 8 x 9"; E-book now available


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On the field, legends like Don Hutson, Ray Nitschke, and Brett Favre made the Green Bay Packers into a professional football powerhouse. But the history of the NFL's only small-town franchise is as much a story of business creativity as gridiron supremacy. Behind every Packer who became a legend on the field, there was an Andrew Turnbull, Dominic Olejniczak, or Bob Harlan, leaders whose dedication and creativity in preserving the franchise were unwavering.

"Green Bay Packers: Trials, Triumphs, and Tradition" tells the improbable story of professional football's most iconic team, and along the way gives a unique window into the rise of modern professional sports. As the NFL has evolved into a financial juggernaut, the Green Bay Packers, with more than 364,000 stockholders, stand alone as the only professional sports franchise owned by fans, thus providing the only public record of how a sports team is run.

Featuring more than 300 photographs, some never before seen, "Green Bay Packers" illustrates how the most creative team in sports is also one of the most successful, with names like Lambeau, Canadeo, Lombardi, Hornung, Holmgren, and White leading the way to a league-best 13 NFL titles and 21 Hall of Fame inductees. This comprehensive, up-to-date history of the Packers includes the 2011 season.

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William Povletich is the author of "Some Like It Cold: A Sheboygan Surfin' Safari" (Clerisy Press, 2010), Milwaukee Braves: Heroes and Heartbreak (Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2009), and "Green Bay Packers: Legends in Green and Gold" (Arcadia Publishing, 2005) as well as many magazine articles on sports and entertainment. An Emmy Award–nominated and Peabody Award–winning documentary filmmaker whose works have received both international acclaim and audience success, he recently produced "Police Women of Broward County" for TLC, "Beach Patrol" for Court TV, and A Braves New World for Milwaukee Public Television. William lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife and two sons.

Test your Green Bay Packers knowledge with these Trivia questions from the Wisconsin Historical Society Press book "Green Bay Packers: Trials, Triumphs and Tradition" by Bill Povletich.

How many of the 27 Green Bay Packers enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame spent their entire career (playing or coaching) exclusively with the Packers (Including the 2013 inductees)? Seven – Don Hutson, Clarke Hinkle, Tony Canadeo, Bart Starr, Ray Nitschke, Paul Hornung, and Willie Wood.

What future U.S. President received a letter from Curly Lambeau with an offer to play center for the Packers? Gerald Ford

How many Packers head coaches also played for the Packers?Three – Curly Lambeau, Bart Starr and Forrest Gregg

Who is credited with originating the Lambeau Leap? LeRoy Butler

What was the name of their NFL rival that called Milwaukee home between 1922-1926? The Milwaukee Badgers

How many times have the Packers initiated stock sales? Bonus point if you can name the years. Five – 1923, 1935, 1950, 1997 and 2011

What was the Packers record in 1958, the year before Vince Lombardi became head coach? One win, ten losses, one tie.

What was the price for a 1939 NFL Championship Game ticket at State Fair Park in Milwaukee? $4.40

How many losing seasons did the Packers have between 1934 and 1947? Zero

In what year did the Green Bay Football Corporation file its Articles of Incorporation? 1923

What was the original name of Lambeau Field prior to 1965?New City Stadium

Who were the members of the “Hungry Five?” Curly Lambeau, Andrew Turnbull, Gerald “Jerry” Clifford, Dr. W. Webber Kelly and Leland “Lee” Joannes.Five – 1923, 1935, 1950, 1997 and 2011

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