By Jerry Apps

Hardcover: $10.00

ISBN: 978-1-930596-09-2

32 pages, color illustrations 8 x .03 x 8 Illustrated by Annika Beatty-Anderson


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When the calf that his father promised him turns out to be a bull instead of a heifer, Jerry is disappointed, until a disaster on the farm teaches him an important lesson in this story for young readers,

This picture-book-style bedtime tale is published by The Guest Cottage, Inc., and distributed by Wisconsin Historical Society Press. Discover Jerry Apps's nonfiction titles for adults here! 

Jerry Apps is the award-winning author of more than 50 books on rural life. A professor emeritus in agriculture at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, he is featured in three, hour-long TV documentaries, including the Emmy Award-winning Farm Winter with Jerry Apps. He and his wife divide their time between a home in Madison, Wis., and their farm, Roshara. Find the books Jerry Apps had published with Wisconsin Historical Society Press, and DVDs of the Wisconsin Public Television documentaries, on the Jerry Apps book page.