Great Lakes Chronicle: Essays on Coastal Wisconsin

By Wisconsin Coastal Management Program

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ISBN: 978-0-87020-918-5

6 x 9, 430 pages,


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Wisconsin's advantageous location between Lakes Superior and Michigan has long played a vital role in shaping our state's history, culture, and economy. For forty years, the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program has worked with state, local and tribal government agencies and nonprofit organizations to preserve and protect this crucial resource, publishing essays by coastal management practitioners in its annual Wisconsin Great Lakes Chronicle.

The program celebrates its 40th anniversary with this compendium of 120 essays from more current Chronicle issues (2002-2018). Published together for the first time in one book, these selected essays provide thoughtful analysis on issues affecting Wisconsin's Great Lakes shorelines and communities and advocate for the wise and balanced use of our coastal environment.

Compiled and edited by James M. Langdon, the collection spans 40 years of environmental, and use, issues facing Wisconsin's coastal areas and illuminates the continued need to protect Wisconsin's Great Lakes waterways. The collection includes a foreword by State of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and features essays by former governors as well as wetland, land use, and environmental specialists, educators and more.

Great Lakes Chronicle was compiled and edited by James M. Langdon for the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program for the program's 40th anniversary. The WCMP is part of a system of coastal management programs within every Great Lakes and oceanic state and territory. The structure that provides for the development and implementation of state-specific programs is the Coastal Zone Management Act, a federal program passed in 1972 and funded through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and administered by the Office for Coastal Management. Wisconsin's WCMP was formally approved in 1978 and sits in the Wisconsin Department of  Administration. Langdon drew essays for this compilation from the WCMP's annual Wisconsin Great Lakes Chronicle, published each September.

"Wisconsin Great Lakes Chronicle has for years showcased a diverse and interesting view into the needs and accomplishments of communities along Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. The essays in this collection provide continued optimism that our  Great Lakes will remain one of the greatest assets of our entire world."

Larry MacDonald, Wisconsin Coastal Management Council Chair and former Bayfield, Wis., mayor