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Chapter 3: Community Benefits of Preservation

Table of Contents

Preservation Laws and Programs | HPC Training | Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Page 1: The Economics of Preservation: Communities and Homes
    Commission members should understand historic preservation’s key economic benefits to their community, including tax savings, increased property valuation, and enhanced livability.
  • Page 2: The Economics of Preservation: Tourism and Jobs
    Historic preservation efforts contribute to two other community economic benefits: heritage tourism and job creation.
  • Page 3: The Environmental Impact of Preservation
    Historic preservation conserves resources, encourages sustainable design, and increase the walkability of a community, making it an environmentally friendly approach to community revitalization.
  • Page 4: Smart Growth Community Planning
    The smart growth planning approach encourages a community to conscientiously direct its growth. Commission members should take an active role in their community's smart growth planning.