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Chapter 8: Preservation Commission Design Guidelines

Table of Contents

Land-Use and Design Regulations | HPC Training | Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Page 1: Preservation Design Guidelines Development
    Preservation design guidelines serve as a tool for a community to reach its preservation goals. The preservation commission should form a steering committee of interested parties to develop design guidelines that reflect the community's shared preservation goals.
  • Page 2: Zoning and Land-Use Regulation
    Community zoning laws can either help or hinder preservation efforts. Commission members should know and understand their local zoning laws and work to improve them to be more favorable toward preservation.
  • Page 3: Signage Design Guidelines
    Signs are often a character-defining element in historic commercial districts. Preservation commissions should create signage design guidelines that complement the associated structure but still provide merchants with flexibility.
  • Page 4: Landscaping Design Guidelines
    Landscaping features and outbuildings play a key role in defining a historic district's character. Preservation commissions should base landscaping design guidelines on the key features that define a particular district’s character.
  • Page 5: Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Design Guidelines
    Preservation commissions routinely face requests to apply vinyl and aluminum siding to historic houses. Commission members should arm themselves with information to address homeowners’ concerns about maintaining the original siding on their historic homes.
  • Page 6: Window Replacement Guidelines
    Preservationists must contend with a multimillion-dollar industry that promotes the replacement of historic wood windows with synthetic materials. Commission members should be aware of the findings from many studies showing that window replacement is not warranted in most cases.
  • Page 7: New Building Products Design Guidelines
    New building products appear on the market every year accompanied by claims about their superior performance. Preservation commission members should keep informed about the pros and cons of these products to educate home and building owners.
  • Page 8: ADA Compliance Design Guidelines
    Commercial and public buildings must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Preservation commissions should create design guidelines that require ADA compliance but still offer suggestions so building owners can preserve the historic character of their building and the district.