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Preservation Community Relationships | HPC Training | Wisconsin Historical Society

Guide or Instruction

Chapter 10: Preservation Community Relationships

Table of Contents

Preservation Community Relationships | HPC Training | Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Page 1: Taking a Proactive Approach to Community Relations
    Commissions that adopt a proactive approach to community relationships and education will benefit by avoiding or minimizing controversy in their decision-making process.
  • Page 2: Encouraging Public Participation in Historic Preservation
    Preservation commissions should encourage public participation in its work as much as possible. A commission that readily welcomes the participation of the public will be more easily accepted and supported throughout the community.
  • Page 3: Working with Government Agencies
    Commission members will need to work with many departments in their local government. Members should get to know people in local offices and become familiar with the work that these departments do.
  • Page 4: Working with Local Preservation Groups
    Local non-profit organizations play a critical role in the success of community preservation. Therefore, commission members need to develop a good relationship with these groups to be effective in maximizing preservation.
  • Page 5: Creating Local Preservation Incentives
    An effective way to encourage preservation of local historic buildings is to offer incentives for preservation efforts. A variety of incentives can be developed at the local level.