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Republican Ticket
Presidential candidate: ABRAHAM LINCOLN, former Illinois Congressman
VP candidate: HANNIBAL HAMLIN, Maine Senator
Popular votes: 1,865,908 (39.9%)
Electoral votes: 180
Southern Democratic Ticket
Presidential candidate: John Breckinridge, Vice President
VP candidate: Joseph Lane, Oregon Senator
Popular votes: 848,019 (18.1%)
Electoral votes: 72
Constitutional Unionist Ticket
Presidential candidate: John Bell, former Tennessee Senator
VP candidate: Edward Everett, former Massachusetts Senator
Popular votes: 590,901 (12.6%)
Electoral votes: 39
Democratic Ticket
Presidential candidate: Stephen Douglas, Illinois Senator
VP candidate: Herschel Johnson, former Georgia Governor
Popular votes: 1,380,202 (29.5%)
Electoral votes: 12
1860 US Electoral Map: How each state voted. Wisconsin's Choice: Lincoln.

Election Facts

  • This election had several viable candidates and parties. All had various stands on slavery and secession.
  • Lincoln was opposed to slavery in the territories. Douglas advocated the right of citizens to decide on slavery. Breckinridge wanted the federal government to protect slavery in the territories. Bell championed the preservation of a united nation.
  • Republicans gathered a diverse coalition to win the election.
  • Lincoln's victory caused seven Southern states to secede from the Union.
Abraham Lincoln, August 13, 1860.
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Democratic National Convention, Charleston, SC, April 23, 1860. "Harper's Weekly," April 28, 1860.
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