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Republican Ticket
Presidential candidate: ABRAHAM LINCOLN, President
VP candidate: ANDREW JOHNSON, Tennessee Governor
Popular votes: 2,220,846 (55.1%)
Electoral votes: 212
Democratic Ticket
Presidential candidate: George McClellan, Union Army General
VP candidate: George Pendleton, Ohio Congressman
Popular votes: 1,809,445 (44.9%)
Electoral votes: 21
1864 US Electoral Map: How each state voted. Wisconsin's Choice: Lincoln.

Election Facts

  • This election rode on the fate of the Civil War.
  • Confederate victories in early 1864 eroded Lincoln's chances of reelection.
  • War-weary Democrats adopted a peace platform and criticized Lincoln's inability to restore the Union.
Abraham Lincoln, February 9, 1864.
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George McClellan.
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Lincoln's second inauguration, Washington, DC, 1865.
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