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Republican Ticket
Presidential candidate: RUTHERFORD B. HAYES, Ohio Governor
VP candidate: WILLIAM WHEELER, New York Congressman
Popular votes: 4,033,497 (48.0%)
Electoral votes: 185
Democratic Ticket
Presidential candidate: Samuel J. Tilden, New York Governor
VP candidate: Thomas Hendricks, Indiana Governor
Popular votes: 4,288,191 (51.0%)
Electoral votes: 184
1876 US Electoral Map: How each state voted. Wisconsin's Choice: Hayes.

Election Facts

  • A bipartisan Congressional Committee decided this election following disputes over vote tallies in four states.
  • Hayes, who lost the popular vote, was granted the presidency in exchange for Southern political independence.
  • This deal established a political system in which Northern Republican industrial interests dominated the executive branch while Southern Democratic agricultural interests controlled their own affairs.
  • This led to racial segregation in the South.
Rutherford B. Hayes.
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Samuel J. Tilden.
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Cartoon for Republican ticket. "Harper's Weekly," July 8, 1876.
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