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Republican Ticket
Presidential candidate: THEODORE ROOSEVELT, President
VP candidate: CHARLES W. FAIRBANKS, Indiana Senator
Popular votes: 7,625,599 (56.4%)
Electoral votes: 336
Democratic Ticket
Presidential candidate: Alton B. Parker, New York Judge
VP candidate: Henry G. Davis, Pan American Railway Committee Chair
Popular votes: 5,083,501 (37.6%)
Electoral votes: 140
1904 US Electoral Map: How each state voted. Wisconsin's Choice: Roosevelt.

Election Facts

  • Roosevelt represented a new generation of Republicans. They adopted progressive ideas to deal with contemporary social and economic problems.
  • Roosevelt's platform of trust-busting and environmental conservation broadened his party's support, especially in Western states.
  • Roosevelt was more liberal than the Democratic Parker, who carried the South.
Theodore Roosevelt.
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