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Democratic Ticket
Presidential candidate: WOODROW WILSON, New Jersey Governor
VP candidate: THOMAS R. MARSHALL, Indiana Governor
Popular votes: 6,294,326 (41.8%)
Electoral votes: 435
Progressive Ticket
Presidential candidate: Theodore Roosevelt, former President
VP candidate: Hiram W. Johnson, California Governor
Popular votes: 4,120,207 (27.4%)
Electoral votes: 88
Republican Ticket
Presidential candidate: William H. Taft, President
VP candidate: James S. Sherman, Vice President*
 *replaced by Nicholas Murray Butler, Columbia University President
Popular votes: 3,486,343 (23.2%)
Electoral votes: 8
1912 US Electoral Map: How each state voted. Election Results. Wisconsin's Choice: Wilson.

Election Facts

  • A rift between Roosevelt and Taft divided the Republican Party. It forced Roosevelt supporters to mount a Progressive ticket third-party campaign.
  • The split enabled Wilson to win the election.
  • Wilson's platform called for banking and campaign finance reforms, anti-monopoly legislation, and greater public participation in the election process.
William H. Taft.
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Woodrow Wilson.
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William Taft visits Green Bay, October 26, 1911.
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