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Democratic Ticket
Presidential candidate: FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, New York Governor
VP candidate: JOHN N. GARNER, Texas Congressman
Popular votes: 22,818,740 (57.4%)
Electoral votes: 472
Republican Ticket
Presidential candidate: Herbert Hoover, President
VP candidate: Charles Curtis, Vice President
Popular votes: 15,760,425 (39.6%)
Electoral votes: 59
1932 US Electoral Map: How each state voted. Election Results. Wisconsin's Choice: Roosevelt.

Election Facts

  • The economic crisis of the Great Depression embittered many voters toward the dour Hoover.
  • The charismatic Roosevelt promised the nation a "New Deal" and gathered support from a coalition of farmers, city dwellers, immigrants, Catholics, Jews, blacks, Southern whites, financiers, and labor unions.
Franklin D. Roosevelt in a Milwaukee parade, October 1, 1932.
WHI 54380
Herbert Hoover (right) with former Wisconsin Governor Walter J. Kohler on a campaign visit to Madison, November 5, 1932.
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Franklin D. Roosevelt campaigns in Milwaukee, 1932.
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