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Democratic Ticket
Presidential candidate: FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, President
VP candidate: JOHN N. GARNER, Vice President
Popular votes: 27,750,866 (60.8%)
Electoral votes: 523
Republican Ticket
Presidential candidate: Alfred M. Landon, Kansas Governor
VP candidate: Frank Knox, Illinoisan
Popular votes: 16,679,683 (36.5%)
Electoral votes: 8
1936 US Electoral Map: How each state voted. Election Results. Wisconsin's Choice: Roosevelt.

Election Facts

  • This election underscored the division between classes, which widened during the Great Depression.
  • Roosevelt's New Deal programs and policies offered benefits for the interest groups that formed the new Democratic coalition.
  • Republican opposition argued that the federal government under FDR had grown too big, too intrusive, and too expensive.
Franklin D. Roosevelt speaks in Green Bay, August 9, 1934.
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Sheet music, 1934.
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Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Social Security Bill, August 14, 1935.
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