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Democratic Ticket
Presidential candidate: FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, President
VP candidate: HENRY A. WALLACE, Secretary of Agriculture
Popular votes: 27,343,218 (54.7%)
Electoral votes: 449
Republican Ticket
Presidential candidate: Wendell Willkie, New York Utility Executive
VP candidate: Charles L. McNary, Oregon Senator
Popular votes: 22,334,940 (44.8%)
Electoral votes: 82
1940 US Electoral Map: How each state voted. Election Results. Wisconsin's Choice: Roosevelt.

Election Facts

  • When the Democrats nominated Roosevelt for an unprecedented third term, Republicans accused him of being a dictator.
  • Willkie gave hundreds of speeches across the country charging FDR with warmongering for advocating military preparedness and supporting Great Britain in World War II.
  • It was difficult for the Republican newcomer to compete against Roosevelt's experience at a time when the future appeared uncertain.
Franklin D. Roosevelt makes a speech in Savannah, GA.
WHI 9471
Wendell Willkie speaks in Richland Center, WI, during a bid for the presidency, March 18, 1944.
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