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Democratic Ticket
Presidential candidate: JOHN F. KENNEDY, Massachusetts Senator
VP candidate: LYNDON B. JOHNSON, Texas Senator
Popular votes: 34,226,731 (49.7%)
Electoral votes: 303
Republican Ticket
Presidential candidate: Richard Nixon, Vice President
VP candidate: Henry Cabot Lodge, United Nations Ambassador
Popular votes: 34,108,157 (49.5%)
Electoral votes: 219
Independent Democratic Ticket
Presidential candidate: Henry Byrd, Virginia Senator
Popular votes: 116,248 (0.2%)*
Electoral votes: 15
 *For Byrd electors in Mississippi
1960 US Electoral Map: How each state voted. Election Results. Wisconsin's Choice: Nixon.

Election Facts

  • This election featured the first televised debate between presidential contenders. It gave Kennedy the edge in personal image.
  • Kennedy's campaign appealed to a new generation and called for meeting the challenges of the future.
  • Kennedy promised to lead the nation out of recession and proposed an increase in defense spending.
  • Kennedy won by a narrow victory and became the first Catholic president.
  • Nixon considered a recount but decided against it.
Nixon/Lodge supporters, 1960.
WHI 8850
Richard Nixon speaks in Janesville, WI, 1960. Photo by Harry Van Tuyl.
WHI 56970
Richard Nixon is introduced at a campaign stop in Milwaukee, October 8, 1960. Photo by Fred Stanger.
WHI 47510
John F. Kennedy campaigns in Gays Mills, WI, 1960. Photo by Fritz Albert.
WHI 27843
John F. Kennedy speaks in Ohio.
WHI 56980
Young Kennedy supporters in Madison, 1960. Courtesy of the "Wisconsin State Journal."
Rally for John F. Kennedy, Madison, October 23, 1960.
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