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Democratic Ticket
Presidential candidate: LYNDON B. JOHNSON, President
VP candidate: HUBERT HUMPHREY, Minnesota Senator
Popular votes: 43,129,566 (61.1%)
Electoral votes: 486
Republican Ticket
Presidential candidate: Barry Goldwater, Arizona Senator
VP candidate: William Miller, New York Congressman
Popular votes: 27,178,188 (38.5%)
Electoral votes: 52
1964 US Electoral Map: How each state voted. Election Results. Wisconsin's Choice: Johnson.

Election Facts

  • This election was an ideological contest between the conservative Goldwater and the liberal Johnson.
  • Goldwater attacked big government and appealed to fears about the direction the nation was taking.
  • Johnson advocated the "Great Society," a package of domestic programs concerned with welfare, housing, education, jobs, and civil rights.
  • Painting Goldwater as reckless, Johnson presented himself as a peace candidate in the face of the looming conflict in Vietnam.
  • Economic prosperity worked to Johnson's advantage.
Lyndon B. Johnson.
WHI 27956
Young Goldwater supporters in Wauwautosa, WI, September 22, 1964. Photo by "Milwaukee Journal."
WHI 56910
Representatives of Democrats for Goldwater from central Wisconsin, October 28, 1964. Photo by Robert Schmidt.
WHI 9345
Goldwater supporters and opponents face one another at a Madison rally, September 1964. Photo by Ed Stein, courtesy of the "Wisconsin State Journal."