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Republican Ticket
Presidential candidate: RICHARD NIXON, former Vice President
VP candidate: SPIRO AGNEW, Maryland Governor
Popular votes: 31,785,480 (43.4%)
Electoral votes: 301
Democratic Ticket
Presidential candidate: Hubert Humphrey, Vice President
VP candidate: Edmund Muskie, Maine Senator
Popular votes: 31,275,166 (42.7%)
Electoral votes: 191
American Independent Ticket
Presidential candidate: George Wallace, former Alabama Governor
VP candidate: Curtis LeMay, former Air Force Chief of Staff
Popular votes: 9,906,473 (13.5%)
Electoral votes: 46
1968 US Electoral Map: How each state voted. Election Results. Wisconsin's Choice: Nixon.

Election Facts

  • The politics of discontent dominated this election.
  • Nixon's campaign called for new strategies to address the unrest wrought by the escalation of the Vietnam War, rising crime, urban riots, inflation, and political assassinations.
  • Humphrey tried to distance himself from Johnson's policies.
  • Wallace ran one of the strongest third-party campaigns in history as a conservative who opposed Johnson's domestic programs but supported the war.
Richard Nixon campaigns in Madison, March 31, 1968. Photo by J.D. Patrick, courtesy of the "Wisconsin State Journal."
Hubert Humphrey visits Madison. Photo by Ed Stein, courtesy of the "Wisconsin State Journal."
Volunteers at Nixon campaign headquarters, Eau Claire, March 29, 1968.
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