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Democratic Ticket
Presidential candidate: JIMMY CARTER, former Georgia Governor
VP candidate: WALTER MONDALE, Minnesota Senator
Popular votes: 40,830,763 (50.1%)
Electoral votes: 297
Republican Ticket
Presidential candidate: Gerald Ford, President
VP candidate: Bob Dole, Kansas Senator
Popular votes: 39,147,793 (48.0%)
Electoral votes: 240
1976 US Electoral Map: How each state voted. Election Results. Wisconsin's Choice: Carter.

Election Facts

  • Carter's message of honesty and decency appealed to voters disillusioned by the Watergate scandal, although a "Playboy" interview undermined his moral standard.
  • Ford gained support from his restoration of order in government. His pardon of Nixon hurt him politically, as did a contentious battle with Ronald Reagan for the Republican nomination and a gaffe in a televised debate with Carter.
  • Carter benefited by drawing support from a diverse coalition of southerners, urbanites, blacks, and labor.
Jimmy Carter campaigns in Madison, March 26, 1976. Photo by L. Roger Turner, courtesy of the "Wisconsin State Journal."
Gerald Ford campaigns in Green Bay, April 4, 1976. Photo by L. Roger Turner, courtesy of the "Wisconsin State Journal."
Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalynn during a visit to Madison, April 8, 1976. Photo by J.D. Patrick, courtesy of the "Wisconsin State Journal."