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Democratic Ticket
Presidential candidate: BILL CLINTON, Arkansas Governor
VP candidate: AL GORE, Tennessee Senator
Popular votes: 44,909,326 (43.0%)
Electoral votes: 370
Republican Ticket
Presidential candidate: George H. W. Bush, President
VP candidate: Dan Quayle, Vice President
Popular votes: 39,103,882 (37.4%)
Electoral votes: 168
1992 US Electoral Map: How each state voted. Election Results. Wisconsin's Choice: Clinton.

Election Facts

  • While Bush took credit for the fall of the Soviet Union, he could no longer use hawkish Cold War policies as a counter to the Democrats.
  • Bush reneged on his promise of no new taxes. His popularity after his Iraq War victory plummeted as national attention focused on domestic issues.
  • Third-party candidate Ross Perot stoked voter dissatisfaction with Bush.
  • Clinton directed his campaign toward women and the "forgotten" middle class. He reached voters through non-traditional media.
  • Bush criticized Clinton's character but his own credibility was questioned.
George Bush campaigns in Burlington, WI, October 31, 1992. Photo by Meg Theno, courtesy of the "Wisconsin State Journal."
George Bush speaks in Burlington, WI, on October 31, 1992, as Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson and Senator Robert Kasten look on. Photo by Meg Theno, courtesy of the "Wisconsin State Journal."
Al Gore and Bill Clinton with Congressional candidate Ada Deer and U.S. Senate candidate Russ Feingold, Madison, October 2, 1992. Photo by Meg Theno, courtesy of "the Wisconsin State Journal."
Clinton/Gore supporters at a Madison campaign rally, October 2, 1992. Photo by Mike DeVries, courtesy of "The Capital Times."
Bill Clinton and Al Gore mingle with the audience during a campaign stop in Madison, October 2, 1992. Photo by Henry A. Koshollek, courtesy of "The Capital Times."