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Tin of Emergency Rations for Lifeboats, ca. 1945

Wisconsin Historical Museum object #1975.59.16

Malted Milk

Survival Provisions

Explorers and safety planners found malted milk to be ideal for the cold-weather expeditions and emergency situations because it was lightweight, non-perishable and packed with calories.

Explorers including Robert Peary, Roald Amundsen and Richard Byrd all made Horlick's Malted Milk a crucial component of their provisions.

William Horlick donated $30,000 to Byrd's 1933-1934 expedition.


Curtis-Wright Conor 'William Horlick' Biplane, 1933-1935

Antarctica. This biplane was named after William Horlick of Racine, Wisconsin.
WHI 23704


View of the Horlick Mountains, Antarctica, ca. 1970

Admiral Byrd named these mountains for his friend and supporter, William Horlick.
WHI 23700


Crates of Horlicks Malted Milk, 1933

Here crates await shipment to New Zealand for Admiral Richard E. Byrd's second Antarctic expedition.
WHI 23703