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Enlarge Map illlustrates creameries, condenseries and cheese factories in Wisconsin, January, 1918, and value of products.

Dairy Progress Map, 1918

WHI 40880

Enlarge Blue brochure cover features a drawing of the gold statue 'Forward' from atop the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Wisconsin State Fair Brochure, 1948

Color brochure advertising fair. WHI 33360

Enlarge Team of oxen, wagon and fence in front of a mural panel.

Wisconsin State Fair Mural with Oxen, 1948

A team of oxen and a wagon, supplied by retired farmers William and Charles Ward, were displayed in front of 1848 Scene, Mural 3 during the 1948 State Fair. Source: Wisconsin Centennial, 1948. Report of Agricultural Committee.


1948 Wisconsin State Fair Murals

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