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Celebrating Environmental History in Wisconsin

Earth Day and Leaders of Land Ethics in Wisconsin

Earth Day is celebrated around the world but did you know this annual event has humble beginnings right here in Wisconsin, as the brainchild of Senator Gaylord Nelson? Nelson is just one of many environmental stewards with ties to the Badger State. Learn about these individuals and more environmental history through the articles, artifacts, and other important items below that help tell these compelling stories.

First and Foremost Stewards

As we celebrate Earth Day, we recognize Indigenous peoples as the first and foremost original stewards dedicated to caring for the environment and the Native Nations who continue to work tirelessly to protect the land and its resources—from a depth of nearly 14,000 years through today. We honor and thank the 12 contemporary Native Nations of Wisconsin for their ongoing contributions and efforts to protect this shared place that we all call home.

More Information on Foremost Stewards

Walter Bressette Red Cliff Ojibwe | Walter Bressette Red Cliff Ojibwe Biography with PBS Wisconsin | Ribes Eradication Work
Traditional Oil Painting Portrait of Gaylord Nelson

A Champion of our Earth

In 1969, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson came up with an idea that would become his lasting legacy. Nelson suggested a full day dedicated to teaching and learning about the environment, believing that if people only knew more about the environment, they would demand better protection. See how Nelson’s efforts led to the first Earth Day by reading the article below.

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The Gaylord Nelson Historical Collection

Gaylord Nelson

Gaylord Nelson Gallery

Nelson papers edits

Earth Day Documents

Gaylord Nelson's speech notes

Environmental Speeches

Nelson Newsletter edits

Nelson Newsletter

Explore More History

Learn more about the history of environmental conservation in Wisconsin and beyond through the historical essays below.

Man in flannel bottle feeding a baby deer

The Modern Environmental Movement

Belle Case La Follet

Aldo Leopold

John Muir

John Muir

Map of Wisconsin

Physical Geography of Wisconsin

More Historical Essays

Conservation in Wisconsin | Increase Lapham | Jerry Apps | The Birth of Lake Delton | School Forests

Fascinating Items from Our Historical Collections

The Society has thousands of items related to environmental conservatons available to explore in our online collections, and these collections are always growing. Explore some of these amazing items and the stories behind them below.

John Muir's clock inner-workings

John Muir Clock

Open Conservation Corps Trunk with articles from the corps

Civilian Conservation Corps Trunk

beautifully illustrated landscape view of map

Maps & Atlas Collection

Burt's solar compass

Burt's Solar Compass

More Historical Items

Increase Lapham Papers | Earth Day Art | 25th Anniversary of Earth Day menu | Earth Day advertisement | Civilian Conservation Corps Poster

Compelling Images from the Our Historical Collections

Cute illustration of the earth, looks like a kid's drawing

Earth Day

Man examining a potted plant in a greenhouse, black and white older photo


Women Working


More Historical Images

Northwoods | H.H. Bennett Photos | Bees & Beekeepers | The Great Outdoors

Human impact on our environment

It is important to understand the impact that humans have had on our environment. View items from our collections below related to this impact.

Man holding gun next to a bunch of strung up dead ducks, older black and white photo

Giant Punt Gun

Blitz Fog Pesticide Packaging photo

Blitz Fog Pesticide

A black beaver top hat

Beaver Top Hat

a cute little passenger pigeon, black and white photo

The Exinction of Passenger Pigeons

More Human Impact Information

Anti-Pollution Cartoon | Anti-DDT Bumper Sticker

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