Gaylord Nelson's early environmental speeches, 1962-1971

Speeches and other documents on environmental issues, 1962-1971

This collection of ten items from the papers of Gaylord Nelson documents his involvement in environmental issues before and after the creation of Earth Day in 1970 (a similar online collection is devoted to his Earth Day materials). It includes campaign brochures, addresses he gave on the campaign trail, and remarks delivered in other public settings. Click "View the Document" below in order to see the following materials:

1. "Governor Gaylord Nelson and the North." (ca. 1962; campaign literature probably for Nelson's 1962 run for U.S. Senate explaining his accomplishments in conservation).
2. "Nelson Begins Senate Fight on Resources, A Special Report from U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson," April 1963.
3. "Conservation Address to Farm and Home Week at the University of Wisconsin-Madison," April 2, 1964.
4. "America's Last Chance." Speech delivered to the Mid-Winter Meeting of the State Bar of Wisconsin, February 19, 1965.
5. "Remarks on Natural Beauty in Wisconsin." Speech delivered at the Governor's Conference on Natural Beauty in Wisconsin, October 21, 1965.
6. "Building a New Rural America." Speech delivered to a conference on "Building a New Rural America" at the Wisconsin Center in Madison, Wis., May 27, 1967.
7. Conservationists for Nelson. "Gaylord Nelson - Conservation Senator." (Ca. 1968; campaign literature supporting his 1968 re-election).
8. "State Ban on DDT." Remarks before the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Dec. 2, 1968.
9. "Earth Week - 1971." Speech at at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, April 19, 1971.
10. "Remarks to Joint Session of Wisconsin Legislature," April 20, 1971 (annotated in Nelson's hand).

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The Modern Environmental Movement
Creator: Nelson, Gaylord, 1916-2005.
Pub Data: From the Gaylord Nelson Papers, MSS 1020, in the Archives of the Wisconsin Historical Society.
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