The Political Equality League makes the case for woman suffrage, 1912

To the Teachers of Wisconsin

In 1912, the Wisconsin Federation of Women's Clubs lobbied the state legislature for a statewide referendum on woman suffrage. More than eighty percent of teachers in Wisconsin were women and they had already gained the right to vote in elections related to schools--the next logical step would be to extend the vote to all offices. This pamphlet, issued by the Political Equality League of Wisconsin, argued that women should be granted the right to vote because they were already educating most of the young men who would grow up to become voters. Quotes from prominent educators and government officials are used to bolster the case for statewide suffrage.

Related Topics: The Progressive Era
The Woman's Suffrage Movement
Creator: Rogers, Jane P.
Pub Data: Milwaukee: Political Equality League of Wisconsin, 1912. Pamphlet 56-1206.
Citation: Rogers, Jane P. "To the teachers of Wisconsin." (Milwaukee: Political Equality League of Wisconsin, 1912); Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 2/7/2023