Theodora Youmans emphasizes the need to educate women voters

Woman Suffrage and Good Citizenship

As president of the Wisconsin Woman's Suffrage Association, Theodora Youmans played an active role in the fight to win the vote for women. On June 10, 1919, the Wisconsin Legislature ratified the Constitutional amendment granting women the right to vote. In this speech, delivered at the Good Citizenship Convention in the fall of 1919, Youmans recounts the history of the struggle for suffrage and the work that still lies ahead as the Woman's Suffrage Association becomes the League of Women Voters. She emphasized the need for education and urged American women to help with the Americanizaton the foreign-born.

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Creator: Youmans, Theodora Winton
Pub Data: Wisconsin Woman's Suffrage Association, 1919. (Pamphlet 56-1304).
Citation: Youmans, Theodora. "Woman Suffrage and Good Citizenship." (Wisconsin Woman's Suffrage Association, 1919); Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 1/30/2023