Suffrage publications from the Wisconsin Woman Suffrage Association

Wisconsin Woman's Suffrage Association Ephemera

The Wisconsin Woman's Suffrage Association, revived in the 1880s after legislators buried a limited-suffrage bill, began holding annual conventions in 1882. These conventions drew a variety of speakers and were intended to both rally the membership to continue the struggle to win the vote and to recruit new advocates. The first document is the program for the 1901 convention held in Racine. The WWSA also issued a number of publications and public statements in support of suffrage. The second document, a 1918 piece by WWSA president Theodora Youmans, links the cause of suffrage with patriotic support of the nation's war effort.

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Creator: Wisconsin Woman's Suffrage Association
Pub Data: Wisconsin Woman's Suffrage Association, 1901, 1918. (Pamphlet 55-4114)
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