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Carl Schurz describes why he settled in Wisconsin.

Milwaukee and Watertown as Seen by Schurz in 1854

In this brief excerpt, German reformer and Republican politician Carl Schurz recalls how Wisconsin - - specifically Milwaukee and Watertown - - appeared to him when he emigrated from Europe in 1854. The motives he describes were shared by many of the German immigrants to our state, though his perspective as a "Forty-Eighter" was more overtly political than those of his compatriots who had arrived in the previous decade.

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Related Topics: Immigration and Settlement
19th-Century Immigration
Creator: Schurz, Carl 1829 -1906
Pub Data: Milwaukee Journal, Oct. 21, 1941.
Citation: Schurz, Carl. "Milwaukee and Watertown as Seen by Schurz in 1854." Milwaukee Journal, Oct. 21, 1941. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/20/2014
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