The newest automobile from Kenosha's Thomas B. Jeffery Company

The Jeffery Four

Thomas B. Jeffery, an inventor and bicycle manufacturer in Chicago, first began building automobiles in the late 1890s. Moving to Kenosha in 1900, Jeffery produced 1500 Rambler automobiles (the same name he had used for his bicycles) in 1902. By 1907 he was producing a wide variety of body styles and sizes, including a five-passenger Rambler that weighed 2600 pounds and cost $2500. This brochure, for the seven-passenger Jeffery Four model, describes its features, quality, and dependability, all for the bargain price of $1000.

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Automobile Culture
Creator: Thomas B. Jeffery Company
Pub Data: Kenosha, Wis.: Thomas B. Jeffery Co. [191?]. (Pamphlet 97-861 rare books)
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