Gaylord Nelson proposes an environmental agenda to Congress, 1970

An Environmental Agenda for the 70's.

On the opening day of the Second Session of the 91st Congress, Washington, D. C., January 19, 1970, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson introduced a series of proposals to fight environmental pollution, ranging from the development of a pollution-free car engine to the elimination of non-returnable cans and bottles. Among the proposals on his agenda was a constitutional amendment stating simply that "every person has an inalienable right to a decent environment. The United States and every state shall guarantee this right." His efforts would spawn a national upsurge in environmental awareness during the first Earth Day, four months later.

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The Modern Environmental Movement
Creator: Nelson, Gaylord
Pub Data: Washington, D.C.: G. Nelson, 1970. (E838 N4 oversize)
Citation: Nelson, Gaylord. "An Environmental Agenda for the 70's." (Washington, D.C.: G. Nelson, 1970); Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 6/18/2021