A promotional song from Fred Miller Brewing Company

Fred Miller Brewing Company

Born in Germany in 1824, Frederick Miller learned the art of brewing from his uncle in France. After working through the ranks of his uncle's brewery, Miller leased the royal Hohenzollern brewery at Sigmaringen, Germany, and brewed beer under a royal license until political unrest caused him to emigrate to the United States in 1854. Miller arrived in Milwaukee in 1855 and purchased the Plank-Road Brewery, located several miles west of the city. Miller led the company for thirty-five years, pursuing a policy of aggressive expansion and modernization. After his death in 1888, Miller's sons took over management of the company. This richly illustrated booklet presents, in song, the virtues and benefits of Miller beer.

Related Topics: Industrialization and Urbanization
Brewing and Prohibition
Creator: Fred Miller Brewing Company
Pub Data: [Milwaukee, Wis. : The Company, ca. 1895]. (pamphlet 57-949)
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