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The Forestry Commission urges the creation of a state forest system, 1898

Report of the Forestry Commission of the State of Wisconsin

The destruction and exploitation of forests was an early concern among Wisconsin citizens and politicians. In 1867, the state legislature established the first Forestry Commission to study forest destruction, concluding that the rapid growth of the region had led to increasingly "rapid and often wasteful exploitation of the forest resource...amplified by frequent and often catastrophic wild fire." Another Forestry Commission was formed in 1897, charged with finding ways to preserve and protect Wisconsin's forests without harming the state's economic development. They submitted this report in 1898 that detailed the importance and necessary steps toward creating a system of sustainably managed state forests.

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The Conservation Movement
Creator: State Forestry Commission
Pub Data: Madison, Wis.: Democrat Printing Company, 1898. (WI For 1:1898)
Citation: State Forestry Commission. "Report of the Forestry Commission of the State of Wisconsin." (Madison, Wis.: Democrat Printing Company, 1898); online facsimile at Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/21/2014
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