The "Vanished Race of Mound Builders" theory advanced in 1906.

Who built the Wisconsin mounds?

The question posed in the title to this anonymous newspaper article had plagued observers for more than a century by the time it appeared here in 1906. In two short pages, the author reviews some characteristic features of effigy mounds and lists the reasons why he thinks the ancestors of contemporary Indians were not their creators. In fact, the question had been settled to the satisfaction of most modern archaeologists a decade earlier, in Cyrus Thomas' 1894 Smithsonian report on the mounds (the Wisconsin section of which is available elsewhere in Turning Points in Wisconsin History).

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Effigy Mounds Culture
Creator: anonymous
Pub Data: Madison Democrat, March 25, 1906
Citation: "Who built the Wisconsin mounds?" Madison Democrat, March 25, 1906; Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 9/25/2021