La Crosse citizens unite to save Grandad Bluff

History Repeats Itself, Grandad Bluff

Grandad Bluff, the tallest bluff in the area, has been a focal point of the La Crosse community. Limestone rock was quarried from the bluff and this served as a source of building material for many years. However, when the property was about to be sold for large scale quarrying, La Crosse citizens were outraged. A prominent family, Joseph & Irene Hixon, bought the property in 1909 holding it in trust until it was donated as park to the city of La Crosse in 1912. During this time, local citizens, lead by Mrs. G. C. Hixon, raised $15,000 to purchase the property and to help build public roads. Along with this purchase was some property below the bluff which became the nucleus of Hixon Forest. This collection of articles highlights the history of Grandad Bluff.

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