A Holocaust survivor who settled in Wisconsin tells his story in 1963.

Auschwitz Veterinarian: Five Years in the Death Camps

Polish veterinarian Tadeusz "Ted" Kowalczyk was arrested in 1940 and spent the next five years suffering illness and torture in three concentration camps, including the notorious one at Auschwitz. After surviving the Holocaust, he ultimately settled in Madison, where he joined the University of Wisconsin faculty. In 1963 he wrote a letter to the West German government seeking an apology and reparations, and that letter is published here by Brush Wolf Press in the book, Auschwitz Veterinarian (available here through the courtesy of Brush Wolf Press).

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Creator: Kowalczyk, Tadeusz (1909-1970)
Pub Data: Marshfield, WI: Brush Wolf Press, 2003. "The heirs of Dr. Kowalczyk invite duplication and distribution of the text." Forward by Richard Olson; edited by Alden R. Carter.
Citation: Kowalczyk, Tadeusz. Auschwitz veterinarian: five years in the death camps (Marshfield, WI: Brush Wolf Press, 2003). Online facsimile at:  http://www.aldencarter.com/brushwolfpress.html; Visited on: 6/21/2018