Report on the Menominee at Termination, 1958

A Brief Story of the Menominee Indians

This 40-page mimeographed report was written by the tribe's last Indian agent, Melvin L. Robertson, in 1958, to answer the many questions he had received about tribal history and their transition from reservation to independent status under the U.S. government policy of "termination." It opens with a brief  history of the tribe, and then discusses in detail conditions on the reservation in the 20th century. An abstract of each treaty starts on page 20 and a detailed, 10-page chronology beginning on page 25 gives a wealth of detail about the post-treaty era; a page of 1958 tribal statistics follows at the end.

Related Topics: Early Native Peoples
Explorers, Traders, and Settlers
Territory to Statehood
Mining, Logging, and Agriculture
Wisconsin's Response to 20th-century change
First Peoples
Arrival of the First Europeans
Colonialism Transforms Indian Life
Treaty Councils, from Prairie du Chien to Madeline Island
Wild Rice Harvesting
Logging and Forest Products
Indians in the 20th Century
Creator: Robertson, Melvin L.
Pub Data: Keshena, Wis.: Menominee Indian Agency, 1958.
Citation: Robertson, Melvin L. A Brief Story of the Menominee Indians. (Keshena, Wis.: Menominee Indian Agency, 1958). Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 2/8/2023