Former slaves who settled in Madison and Racine

Newspaper interviews with three ex-slaves in Wisconsin, 1929-1931

These three newspaper clippings contain interviews with three former slaves who later settled in Wisconsin. Hattie Pierce and John McClure were born as slaves in No. Carolina and Kentucky, respectively, and eventually came to Madison. Sarah Anthony was born in Tennessee and later settled in Racine, Wis. These brief articles discuss how the elderly ex-slaves felt about their childhoods under slavery, liberation during the Civil War, and their later lives in the North.

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Desegregation and Civil Rights
Creator: Wis. State Journal; Racine Times-Call; Capital Times.
Pub Data: See each clipping for details; digitized from Pamphlets 59-1131a, 59-1131b and 59-1132 in the Library of the Wisconsin Historical Society.
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