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Increase Lapham describes territorial Wisconsin for new settlers.

A geographical and topographical description of Wisconsin... (1844)

In this modest book, Milwaukee scientist Increase Lapham describes Wisconsin's landscape and settlements as they were in 1844. He also made the first detailed maps of Wisconsin, and over the next 30 year surveyed its Indian mounds, and catalogued its fossils, rocks, and native grasses. He also helped found several schools and colleges, the Milwaukee Public Museum, the Wisconsin Historical Society, and the National Weather Service. Raised a Quaker, he was respected by his contemporaries for his integrity, thoroughness, and modesty. Of all the writers from Wisconsin's territorial era, Lapham can be most trusted to be straightforward, direct, accurate, and above personal interests.

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Creator: Lapham, Increase Allen, 1811-1875.
Pub Data: Milwaukee, Wis. [Ter.], P.C. Hale, 1844
Citation: Lapham, Increase Allen. A geographical and topographical description of Wisconsin... (Milwaukee: P.C. Hale, 1844); Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/23/2014
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