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Reminiscences of early La Crosse by L.H. Pammel

Reminiscences of Early La Crosse, Wisconsin: An Account of the Men and Women Who Lived in La Crosse and Vicinity

L.H. Pammel compiled this history of La Crosse based on the reminscences of some of its early settlers. Because he was a botanist, Pammel included much material on the animals and plants in the region, as well as a discussion of the scientific work done by men who lived in La Crosse.

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Creator: Pammel, L. H. (Louis Hermann), 1862-1931.
Pub Data: [s.l.]: Liesenfeld Press, 1928.
Citation: Pammel, L.H. Reminiscences of Early La Crosse, Wisconsin (Liesenfeld Press, 1928); Online facsimile at:
1.htm; Visited on: 4/18/2014
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