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A journalist describes Ashland's premature demise, and its resurrection.

Ashland! Its Growth During the Year 1872

When the Ojibwe permitted outsiders to explore for minerals in the early 1850's, white settlers founded the city of Ashland on the Lake Superior shoreline. Its initial growth was cut short by the Panic of 1857, however, and not until the railroad arrived in 1871 did Ashland again come to life. This 14-page article describes its founding in the 1850s and its resurrection around 1880 in detail, including a list of all the principal merchants and the new infrastructure then being built.

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The Founding of Major Cities
Creator: Anonymous
Pub Data: Ashland Press, January 4, 1873
Citation: "Ashland! Its Growth During the Year 1872." Ashland Press, January 4, 1873. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/23/2014
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