Gen. Joseph Street, Indian agent to the Ho-Chunk, Sauk and Fox.

Romantic career was Gen. Street's

Before coming to Wisconsin as Indian Agent, Gen. Joseph Street had already led a turbulent life. He played a prominent role in stopping a conspiracy led by Aaron Burr that would have undermined the federal government in the West, a service which nearly cost him his life. His family and early career are related here from documents in the possession of his descendants, including his later actions as agent for the Sauk and Fox in Iowa.

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Creator: Flower, Frank Abial, 1854-1911.
Pub Data: Milwaukee Sentinel, May 19, 1907
Citation: Flower, Frank Abial. "Romantic Career was Gen. Street's." Milwaukee Sentinel, May 19, 1907. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 10/5/2022