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A Connecticut Yankee writes home about Wisconsin's virtues in 1847.

Letter[s] Written from Fort Winnebago in 1847...

This series of newspaper stories prints original letters by Albert G. Tuttle, a Connecticut Yankee who came west to Wisconsin in the mid-1840's. Writing his wife back East he describes southern Wisconsin's natural features in much detail, including the vicinity of Portage, Barbaboo, and Madison, where he faced down a wolf on the shore of Lake Monona. Tuttle comments on a wide variety of topics as he tries to persuade his wife that they should emigrate to the Wisconsin wilderness, and reflects on the "fraud, injustice, and wrong" by which it was obtained from its original Indian inhabitants.

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Related Topics: Immigration and Settlement
19th-Century Immigration
Creator: Tuttle, Albert G.
Pub Data: Barbaboo Republic, May 25, 1922.
Citation: Tuttle, Albert G. "Letter Written from Fort Winnebago in 1847...". Baraboo Republic, May 25, 1922. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/16/2014
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