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Jesuit missionaries describe the aftermath of Iroquois attacks.

Three accounts of the Iroquois wars from the Jesuit Relations.

These three short excerpts from the Jesuit Relations convey the terror and violence that drove the Huron, Ottawa, Sauk, Meskwaki (Fox), Kickapoo, Potawatomi, and other tribes into Wisconsin. They are taken from the annual "Relation of Things That Have Happened in New France" sent back to Paris each year by the head of the Jesuit missions in North America. Between 1896 and 1901, all the Jesuit Relations were edited by staff of the Wisconsin Historical Society and published in French and English in more than 70 volumes. Even-numbered pages contain the French text and odd-numbered pages, the English translation.

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Iroquois Wars of the 17th Century
Creator: Ragueneau, Fr. Paul, 1608-1680; Lalemant, Fr. Jérôme (Hierosme), 1593-1673
Pub Data: 1647-48 Relation by Fr. Paul Ragueneau: vol. XXXIII, pp 69-73; 1652-53 Relation (anonymous): vol. XL, pp 209-217; 1659-60 Relation by Fr. Jerome Lalemant: vol XLV, pp. 189-237 (Cleveland: Burrows Bros. Co., 1896-1901)
Citation: "Three accounts of the Iroquois wars from the Jesuit Relations." The Jesuit relations and allied documents... (excerpts).(Cleveland : Burrows Bros. Co., 1896-1901). Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/21/2014
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