Electa Quinney, Wisconsin's first public school teacher

The First Wisconsin Teacher

Schools are among the most powerful social institutions, but they could not come into existence until a critical mass of parents was willing to hire a teacher. This was slow to happen among the first white settlers of any community, and children were generally taught at home or sent to older, eastern, cities for their education. This article briefly describes the career of Electa Quinney, a Stockbridge Indian who was Wisconsin's first professional teacher. Trained in New York, she taught classes for both Indian and white students at Kaukauna in the 1820's. It is followed by a longer, untraced article on early state teachers' associations, probably dating from the 1870's.

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The Founding of Social Institutions
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Pub Data: Wisconsin Journal of Education, new series, vol. 18 (Madison, 1888): 493-494
Citation: "The First Wisconsin Teacher." Wisconsin Journal of Education, new series, vol. 18 (Madison, 1888): 493-494. Online facsimile at:  http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/turningpoints/search.asp?id=937; Visited on: 5/25/2022