Increase Lapham explores the mineral region of northern Wisconsin in 1858.

Mountain of Iron Ore: The buried wealth of Northern Wisconsin

In 1858, when investors needed an analysis of the mining potential of the Penokee Iron Range, they engaged Wisconsin's premier scientist, Increase Lapham of Milwaukee, to investigate. Lapham and his colleagues hiked 30 miles southeast from Ashland and spent several weeks traversing the range in the vicinity of modern Mellen. Years later, his report was made public in this 9-page newspaper article. By then Lapham had died, but his predictions about the economic potential of the area had come true and the region was booming.

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Mining in Northern Wisconsin
Creator: Lapham, Increase Allen
Pub Data: Milwaukee Evening Wisconsin (newspaper), Feb. 21, 1887.
Citation: Lapham, Increase Allen. "Mountain of Iron Ore: The buried wealth of Northern Wisconsin." Milwaukee Evening Wisconsin, Feb. 21, 1887. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 7/7/2020