The CCC tackles forest fires in Northern Wisconsin, 1934

New Conservation Era Dawns for Wisconsin; Drought Proves Spur

Northern Wisconsin was especially hard-hit by economic depression, unemployment, and severe drought in the 1930s. While early conservation efforts had been aimed at establishing parks and grounds for hunting and fishing, government focus shifted toward rehabilitation in the mid-1930s. This article looks at Northern Wisconsin's environmental problems and the efforts being made to reverse them by the CCC.

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Industrialization and Urbanization
The Conservation Movement
Depression and Unemployment
Creator: Colby, James J.
Pub Data: Milwaukee Sentinel. 25 November 1934.
Citation: Colby, James J. "New Conservation Era Dawns for Wisconsin; Drought Proves Spur." Milwaukee Sentinel. (25 November 1934). Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/17/2024